Jan 212020
Your Virtual Coffee | Tea with David W. and Anna L. Grigsby

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in For Your Information (FYI) format (Note: Estimated time to read is 3 minutes at 200 words per minute) 1. FYI – WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU – Simply put “60 seconds for your elevator pitch and 9 minutes to introduce us to your products and services or generically discuss […]

Dec 072019
Movember 2019 - Wrap-up, KPI's and Lessons Learned

FYI – Posts and Fundraisers Pages from Movember 2019, Movember 2018, Movember 2017 Thanksgiving, my Birthday and gratitude for Movember – https://blog.grigsbyconsultingllc.com/thanksgiving-my-birthday-and-gratitude-for-movember/ Help me change the face of men’s health this Movember [20191106 Facebook Fundraiser Page] – https://www.facebook.com/donate/758228627977801/ David’s Birthday Fundraiser for Movember [20191104 Facebook Fundraiser Page] – https://www.facebook.com/donate/526672841518292/ Movember: 2019 Kickoff – https://blog.grigsbyconsultingllc.com/movember-2019-kickoff/ Movember: […]

Nov 292019
Thanksgiving, my Birthday and gratitude for Movember

FYI – Key Update – per my cardiovascular Doctor last week – Total RESET of the initial heart event expectations set by healthcare professionals that were set in September 2017 aka “let go Luke“. This is HUGE and I am so grateful for this result from the lifestyle changes we have adopted per the Ornish […]

Nov 022019
Movember: 2019 Kickoff

FYI – Well I am happy to quote a favorite Styx song lyric “I’m not dead yet”! FYI – This is Movember take 3 for me, so I have a better appreciation for what I can contribute, and that is mostly helping others know they are not alone and there is probably always a chance […]

Jul 182019
Increase your active listening results via automated transcribed voice memos to text as notes via Speech to Text

Voice to persisted actionable reference –  Eidetic Memory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eidetic_memory This is a generic long-standing human challenge of communication and knowledge transfer for the roles we engage in. When it comes to extracting actions and knowledge accurately and efficiently and then referencing them we find the flaws in tools for persisting language quickly. Whether you are a […]