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RE: An open letter to communicate gratitude

Dear DocuSign,

I was looking back as I take that next path, a metaphor and a real-world activity you know I love. A path called the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) is the major reason why I left the tribe. I wanted that hike as a way to reward myself with an adventure to discover more about myself while being in a physically challenging environment I love, the outdoors of the Pacific North West. While I didn’t complete all that I wanted in miles that I set out to complete on that hike of the PCT, it did meet my discovering more about myself that I wanted. My spouse Anna, my trail mate, is an integral part of my life’s trek, and journeys are more fulfilling with her than without her.

image David,Anna, Zach on PCT 2016

David, Anna, Zach on PCT 2016

I know I said “Thank you” when I gave my 3-month notice in late 2015, which we both honored. I know at the time I wished DocuSign had a sabbatical benefit so I didn’t have to “leave”, yet, you are a startup and I am a hiker, so that benefit concept wasn’t natural like it might be for other tribes.

What I want to convey is the “Gratitude” I have for the time on we spent on the “DocuSign” path together. Do you believe it has been 9 full seasons since we first meet in early 2009? I know, right? Here is the log entry digitally penned into my journal of the account when Ken Cavallan called and said: “Man can you help me out?”. Original Post I am always humbled when I reflect on how “helping” Ken and you, DocuSign, really helped me, which is what I am truly “Grateful” for. My pack and soul are lighter with my smile being wider and you are an important part of that.

So please understand that I am grateful and thanking the tribe, culture, concept. This gratitude is bourne from that passionate desire we have to grow and integrate industries digitally with a way of removing friction and reducing time lost in getting sales “closure” documented correctly and legally to the tiniest fractions of what it used to take.

It was so amazing to blaze new “paths” via integrations with you like we did together before I was inducted into the tribe, like Salesforce. It was even cooler and more challenging to establish others “Beachhead paths” as a tribe member with Google Chrome, GSuite (Apps), Drive, Alfresco, and updates to the Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint integrations while in San Francisco. Original Post 

Then in late 2012 we started helping the “Sales” team and clients directly behind the scenes under the “ProServe” offerings in Seattle to integrate their “one-off” specialty needs to make their adoption path work faster and thus my “Fixer” tag bourne to supplement the other “F’ing Grigsby” tag I am so affectionately known for, which Grant Peterson gave me before being inducted into the tribe. Those were some challenging paths and hikes with large enterprise cable, multimedia, e-commerce, banks and telecom companies, yet through all the journeys we learned and grew stronger with the knowledge that we harnessed for the next adventure. It allowed me to leverage old and new skills with many development tools listed on my LinkedIn profile under projects. Profile Link Some paths lead to other cities like London of the United Kingdom for an extended period of time, which was a real thrill in helping that part of the tribe and customer base.

I was even honored by you for the “encapsulation” of those learnings on the hike via an award for my creation of the “Dev 101 and Dev 201” courses from my developer labs I published via Amazon Kindle. That was definitely a high point to wrap up our journey on and lead to being able to instruct the Dev 101 and Dev 201 classes as well. Post here

David W. Grigsby, Software Integration Author Instructing image

David W. Grigsby, Software Integration Author Instructing image

As I mentioned, with my focus on the next path for me, it seemed appropriate to give credit and gratitude where it is due, especially since none of us knows exactly where our next path will take us, even if we have a guiding star we set our internal compass pointing to. Also, in the end, gratitude and thanks feel way better than the very large intellectual and sales focused CLTV KPI (Client Long Term Value Key Performace Indicator) that I have tracked as a measurement of our hikes together.

Saying yes to a “friend” is truly something I am “Grateful” for and that I met you, DocuSign.

Sincerely and Best Regards,

David W. Grigsby, grateful DocuSign Partner, and past tribe member
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CC: Ken Cavallan, Bob Desantis, Doug Rybacki, Tom Gonser, Grant PetersonMike Borozdin, Mike Roselip, Dan ReidRoger Erickson, Terry Kisner, Keith Krach, and the many others not listed that are have shared the hike and I am honored to have listed in my LinkedIn network Profile Link