Jan 042010

Hello and Happy New Year!

Are you drowning trying to manage Leads&Contacts with Salesforce.com,LinkedIn, FB, Outlook,your site and Business Cards?

Well you are not alone 🙂

My integration spreadsheet already has 9 columns for where my leads and contacts are:
Facebook,LinkedIn,Outlook,Salesforce,Twitter,Smaller Indiana,MSN Messenger,Phone SIM,Business Card

So I know I left out some (understatement I am sure), but that is the point, your network becomes complex with the many to many relationships.

Right now Outlook is my “ping.fm” aka central point and I work out from there using toolbars, but as you know there are situations where contact information is only in one silo.

I am interested in your stories, issues, successes in managing Leads&Contacts with Salesforce.com,LinkedIn, FB, Outlook, your site and Business Cards.

I am working on a chapter in my new book “Small Business Owners Playbook for Salesforce.com and Microsoft Office” and wanted your thoughts, concerns, tactics, failures, successes to add to mine.

You will receive mention if your approach or story is used, assuming you want it 🙂

Best success and worst failure if used (with permission) will get a signed copy of the book when released in Q1, 2010.

I look forward to hearing from you!