Dec 182016
Grigsby Consulting LLC Presents:  Story of the Developer Labs & Integration Cookbooks

An interesting look back at an amazing journey 4/5/2013: Purchased APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a book by Guy Kawaski and Shawn Welch at Amazon™ in Kindle™ format and began writing my three volume Software Integration Cookbook set while commuting on the bus to Seattle from Snoqualmie on my Asus ROG on Windows: […]

Dec 152016
X-DocuSign-Authentication Best Practices for DocuSign™ via REST or SOAP Infographic

WHY YOU MIGHT CARE I created the X-DocuSign-Authentication Best Practices for DocuSign™ via REST or SOAP Infographic for you to provide you with best practices to solve the common issues developers, developer operations and IT deal with every day in small to enterprise businesses that implement a custom integration with their Line of Business (LOB) application and DocuSign™. […]

Dec 132016

For those of you that like to cut and paste over typing all the bold text to be entered in the developer labs, all the text is now available as Online Support Content from Appendix B – Reference here X-DocuSign-Authentication Best Practices for DocuSign Support Content as a txt file you can download.