Dec 082016
Gantt Chart of David W. Grigsby Loyalty Card


David W. Grigsby Reader Loyalty Card – How it can benefit you

As you can see by the Gantt chart from our calendar I have a busy schedule producing content and making it available to you, for “Free” no less.Okay, I have not gone crazy, however if I have, get the benefit while you can 🙂 Now honestly, your downloading the developer lab books helps me on Amazon in several ways, so it is a true win-win. So I thought I would give you a “peek” into what the schedule is in this handy gantt chart for the rest of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 (wow, I am talking about 2017 already!). The green area is what has already been given away in free promo’s and I have hidden some goodies behind the loyalty card that come out at Christmas and new years so keep an eye out. Every five days (I can only have a book free for that length every 90 days per book) you can grab the developer lab books I have on promotion for Free. The best way to stay informed is to sign up at [ ] Don’t worry, I will send (1 and only one) email the day they are available to remind you. The subject will be clear.

  • Free How To Developer Labs to increase your API knowledge for a novice or a professional
  • Help you learn if you can understand API’s if you are interested in changing Careers
  • Features I hope you find like I do to be very helpful when learning a new API are in each Developer Lab 
    1. Step-by-Step example with images
    2. Cut and Paste text that I can replace my specific information
    3. Tools and Platforms I can use that are free
    4. Short enough I can complete when I have a 10-15 minutes
    5. Removes any coding language shortcuts that hide what the headers need to be
    6. Allows a novice or a pro to learn to use the API method
    7. Appendix with links to all the tools and resources I will use
    8. Contact information for the author
  • Great way to learn Language Agnostic API calls for REST, SOAP or Web Endpoint
  • DocuSign Certification Course Material Licensed from Grigsby Consulting LLC and created by David W. Grigsby that cover the envelope from cradle to grave
  • You can complete a developer lab during your commute time on the bus, train or carpool
  • Salesforce, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and more are coming soon and will cover the most common sales and business tasks like create a lead, contact, account, opportunity or post an ad.
Gantt Chart of David W. Grigsby Loyalty Card

Gantt Chart of David W. Grigsby Loyalty Card