May 152020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in For Your Information (FYI) format

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  1. FYI – WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU – A Visual Reference of the Productivity Suite Tech Stack Match-up. Our customer’s “ask”, that started the journey, was about a simple question, which was “What is the Apple application “KeyNote” equivalent in the Google Consumer | G Suite?” which is “Slides” as the infographic below in this article shows. This visual perspective is focused on the 3 major tech stack match-ups. The core assumption is based on the fact that the goal is to share your creation with control to others in a very limited group, to a larger group, or the world with or without the ability to edit. That goal matches what our customers, Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumers (B2C) state they want, GCLLC included. Our customers want to collaborate near realtime online together or remotely at any time, anywhere in a secure cloud with multiple device formats and operating systems. They also want version control, collaboration control, the ability to comment, and track responses, all with the ability to meet needs for compliance via reporting and auditing. To be transparent our customer base is composed of small to enterprise businesses that are lean and mean bootstraps to private equity startups and of course the large market funded enterprise businesses. So the ability to scale and accommodate maturation of organizations is a key requirement. The actual full view is much larger and more complex with 8 major software publishers ranging from open source and free like Apache Open Office, a great single person business productivity suite, not shown as it doesn’t meet the cloud and collaboration bar, to freemium Google Consumer @GMAIL.COM accounts and premium G Suite @yourdomanname.tld accounts to closed premium like Apple iCloud and Microsoft 365 as well as other pay per use providers.
  2. FYI – VIDEO – Quick Simple YouTube Video to give you an easy to consume visual and verbal alternative to review this Infographic and major points of this article.
  3. FYI – A Simple History Observation by a fellow geek Microsoft started by making development tools for computer manufacturers like Altair and IBM. Apple started from a club of electronics enthusiasts to make personal computers. Google started as an electronic card catalog “Search Engine” to index the internet (now the commonly referred to as the cloud) while being in the cloud, so one might say this is the only Productivity Suite created in and for the cloud.  This may seem simple and obvious to many, however, we feel it goes to the heart of the matter of business today, search to see if it exists, if not, create it and share it in a way that fits your intent and business model so others can search and find it. To them all, we at GCLLC salute them!
  4. ASK – Survey –  Your feedback and comments are appreciated. We are interested in and want your thoughts and questions concerning productivity technology used in B2B or B2C – Survey Link
    Contact us if you would like more information. Here is the FAQ on the VCT which is gratis.

The Infographic image below will open in a new tab when clicked or tapped. All logos, copyrights, and trademarks belong to their respective companies and were sourced from their marketing logo materials or application resource files. [Full size version Updated to V1 5/19/2020]

Productivity Suite Tech Stack Match-up Infographic
Productivity Suite Tech Stack Match-up Infographic