Oct 302014

In the effort to learn new tricks of effectiveness and time use, I am sitting in a local bar after lunch on my iPhone 5s, while my wife talks with her manager about the day. So why not put down some thoughts I ask as I am moving icons around now that I have the latest Microsoft office loaded on my iPhone, a feature I am so glad MIcrosoft finally made happen, kudos to them!
Welcome to the “anytime, any-device, anywhere” age Mr. Grigsby, your limitations are yours, not the apps, hardware, infrastructure or wireless technology.

I know one self imposed limitation is I wouldn’t generally think I could be effective enough with the keyboard but then I can use Siri, which I did for the last two sentences with bar noise.

Google makes a great Blogger iPhone app and Apple clearly makes a great phone. I already use the doc app and drive over paper for all my tasks, content snippets and I leverage Siri like my personal dictation assistant.

Now I just need to free my mind of the time, tool and place limitations I have adopted to be even more productive in those lost gaps when I really don’t need my laptop to create content and get my thoughts out there with the tools and amazing tech that is in my hands that is NOT just a phone or reading device.

iPhone with Blogger

iPhone with Blogger