Jul 182008
Just Do it David, Get out there and mingle, learn and contribute!!

Okay I have been working to get to the local Indianapolis Windows, .NET and SQL user groups for literally years (since 2004). Okay, I was failing miserably at this till this month. Even with external forces of gigs, in-laws in hospital, I made it to all three in the last 2 weeks!!! I really appreciate Anna’s support in this. In the past I had registered faithfully and then didn’t make it. This time I made it and I hadn’t registered… go figure.

It was just in time too, as they had great presentations, I won a door prize, reconnected with old friends, associates and business partners. I also met many new faces as well.

IWUG is having it’s 7th year anniversary bash on September 17th, 2008, and IndyNDA is having it’s Tech Fest on October 9th, 2008. Both should be great fun and a great source of learning and sharing.

Okay, now I am on the hook for a couple presentations for the C# IndyNDA SIG but that is great news, as I love to present and I think the presentations are on great topics. I hope you can come by and participate or heckle me 🙂

October 9, 2008: “C# and Unmanaged Code”. David Grigsby from Grigsby Consulting has agreed to lead a discussion unmanaged code in C#.

November 13, 2008: “.Net on Other Platforms”. David Grigsby from Grigsby Consulting has agreed to lead this discussion.

The IndyNDA and related SIGS (special interest groups) meet at the Gene B. Glick Junior Achievement Education Center is a great facility. I look forward to hosting an event there! We where in the International Conference Center as you can see by the pictures of Doug Avery wining a door prize. Look under facility and rentals to see the different spaces and rates.

IWUG and IndyPASS meet at the Local Microsoft Office. I even think the IndySPIN – SPS/MOSS meet in the odd months that IWUG doesn’t meet there. I will find out in August, as the events are not posted yet for the IndySPIN.

general presentation was on SPS/MOSS/ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts – Engaging and enjoyed it!. IndyNDA C#Sig was on Agile, again great, insightful and very interactive. It was great to see Doug Avery of Daniels Associates Fame. I also got to be re-introduced to Jim Ellis, who I had met information at the East Side Sertoma Club at an event.

was great as well, as Eddie from Exact Target had a great presentation on automating the capture of deadlocks (any sys.eventstype) and related diagnostic information via SQL Service Broker. Look at the great tasty SQL in the picture below the one on the left…. hmmm so good!

Then the SIG went into SSIS and Dexter did a great job on coving how he uses it. Again a very interactive discussion. Saw Jim Ellis again, and soon we will get together for lunch now that I will be downtown again on a regular basis with one of the clients I have a gig with.

was great as well, as Pat did a very well rounded and informative presentation on the data center. Having been apart of large local private sector data centers, N-Frame and now Blue Lock, his insight is one of experience and passion. Also it was great to see an old school mate, past DNA Software Co, Inc. partner and good friend – Milton Westerfield.

I am interested in your impressions, especially if you where there at one. I also am intersted in what other User Groups and SIGs that are IT/Software related in the Midwest you find helpful, engaging and insightful.