Dec 072019
  1. FYI – Posts and Fundraisers Pages from Movember 2019, Movember 2018, Movember 2017
  2. FYI – 2019 KPI’sKey Performance Indicators (Metrics | “by the numbers”)
    • TDR – Total Donations Raised: $505
      • Original Goal was $100, revised to $500
    • TD – Total Donors: 12
    • ADpDAverage Donation per Donor: $42.08
    • TMTotal Matching: $0
    • TMDTotal Matching Donors: 0
    • TFFPTotal Facebook Fundraiser Pages: 2
    • LTDRLifetime Total Donations Raised: $2,180
      • 2018
        • TDR: $500 | TD: 1 | ADpD: $250 | TM: $250 | TMD: 1 | TFFP: 1
      • 2017
        • TDR: $1,175 | TD: 9 | ADpD: $117.50 | TM: $600 | TMD: 2 | TFFP: 0
  3. FYI – Lessons Learned
    • Combination of multiple platforms is better
      • 2019 – Movember Space, GCLLC Blog, Facebook Fundraiser Pages, Twitter
      • 2018 – Movember Space, Facebook Fundraiser, YouTube Videos
      • 2017 – Movember Space, GCLLC Blog, YouTube Videos, Twitter
    • You can create Multiple Facebook Fundraiser Pages
      • Movember Space will create one for you via a button click
        • 4 Donations
      • Facebook will let you create them, in my case it offered at the first of the month since it was my “Birth month”.
        • 7 Donations
    • Movember Space is the central Fundraising Hub, however, it had the least direct donors
      • 1 Donation directly, 12 total with the 11 from the two Facebook Fundraiser Page donations
    • Facebook Birthday Fundraiser had the best response and results
    • Movember Support staff can combine the totals at the end, however, only the direct Facebook Fundraiser donations created from the Movember space appear automatically. The live chat was great, and the email support submission after the fundraising period was fast and painless from the same “chat” interface on the Movember Space.
    • Giving Tuesday is a day too late for my Birthday Fundraiser however it was available for Movember Facebook Fundraiser
    • Matching Funds do help increase the impact of personal donors’ contributions, need to research other matching next year like Visa was doing the first year, Facebook Giving Tuesday, Grigsby Consulting LLC, etc.
    • Move updates are only if you “Turn” on an exercise on your FitBit and have the app running on your phone… doh.
    • Videos and Guest Posts are coming back next year
    • Team Members are returning as a focus next year
    • Giveaways are on the table for next years Movember for larger donations incentives, current thoughts are below:
      • GCLLC Services as a Gift Certificate
      • Commissioned 8×10 Pencil or Pastel art work by me of your desired landscape, architecture, portrait or animal
    • Ads are still being considered for next year in the form of donating sponsor donors
  4. FYI – Thank you and Gratitude for you, the Donors, for your funds donated, kind words and support
    • From Movember Space – Original Goal $100, revised up to $500, Actual $505
      • Cindy Beuoy
    • From Facebook Birthday Page – Goal $100, Actual $405
      • Roger Dabio (Returning Donor from 2017)
      • Ken Cavallon
      • Teresa Chapman (Returning Donor from 2017)
      • Chris Rager
      • Dorita Smith
      • Jamie Byrnes
      • Gil Vincent
    • From Facebook Movember Page – Goal $100, Actual $100
      • Douglas Karr
      • Kery Gray
      • Mike Francis
      • David Grigsby (Returning Donor from 2017, 2018)
  5. ACTION REQUESTED [you the reader] – Support and Awareness concerning “HEALTH” in all its forms, which is what this is really about. Help those you care about get the needed routine check-ups and knowledge to stay healthy as well as the courage to seek help when they are feeling off or under the weather. I am here to listen and assist you if you ask to find the positive and challenge the negative and what has worked for me.
    • Love More – Find ways to give and get kindness, support, and love in all your relationships, especially immediate family and the friends you choose as family.
    • Move More – do what you enjoy, you will do it more, any movement and activity is better than none or one you avoid,
    • Stress Less – find ways to let go and burn it off while staying positive and avoiding the dark places that one can easily retreat to if left alone and unsupported.
    • Eat Better – Plant Slant is your ally, make better trades when you can, it gets easier when you see how much better you feel after vs during, long term vs short term satisfaction.