Nov 092017


These updates are in reference to my original article


Feedback and support has been awesome










  • Fundraising progress
    • At $100 and goal is $1000, thank you very much, Teresa Chapman!
    • Now, who will join in here
    • I am matching dollar for dollar up to $1000 at Movember as my contribution
    • I will also in lieu of donating to Movember, donate the same amount in your name to your charity of focus for your donation at Movember
    • This is a “First World” problem and thus needs money and focus to bring about change
  • Move progress
    • I, as well as my immediate family, are signed up for the Gobblers Jog 5K in Fishers
    • Working to get my 10k steps in every day
    • I hit 13K steps yesterday for the first time since Sept 1st, 2017
    • Setup off day gym in basement for our bikes on training stands now that is cooler and have some basic free weights and our Yoga mats
  • Awareness and messaging progress
    • Since posting my original article it has been great talking with others.  Discussing if they have had their echocardiograms or other health screens if a disease runs in family has been very insightful gives a reason to encourage each other
    • Made some new friends on social media that were real friends since my youth that for some reason we see each other in the community yet we’re not connected
    • Anna (Spouse) getting her check-ups done – Yah
    • Zach (Oldest Son) scheduled – Yah!
    • Matt (Youngest Son) working to get scheduled for first of year
    • Enjoyed a couple of videos of Inspiring accounts of  Stephen Hawking and Michael J Fox
  • Support and encouragement progress
    • Thank you for every email, comment, text, IM, call, hug and kind word
    • I can’t say enough about what and how it affects me, except to say it does in a very positive way
  • Next Steps
    • Week 2 update and video
    • a surprise ??!!??
ImageMovember Week 1 update

Movember Week 1 update