Nov 192017

Updates Week 2











  • Fundraising progress

    • At $225, up from $100 and goal is $1000, thank you very much, Clinton Dahlenburg, Mike Scriven
    • Now, who will join in here
    • I am matching dollar for dollar up to $1000 at Movember as my contribution
    • I will also in lieu of donating to Movember, donate the same amount in your name to your charity of focus for your donation at Movember
    • This is a “First World” problem and thus needs money and focus to bring about change
  • Move Progress

    • Group Events: I, as well as my immediate family, are signed up for the Gobblers Jog 5K this Thursday morning in Fishers
    • Active Exercise: Working to get my 10k steps in every day of the work week, and 10 minutes of active aka sweating with elevated heart rate each work day and one day on the weekend.
    • Walking Outside: I and Anna walked 3 miles outside with our Bassett’s Lilly and Flo via Ellenberger Park to Starbucks and back Tuesday, which is the furthest since Sept 1st, 2017
    • In-Home Gym: Using our in-home off day gym in basement
    • Extra Activities: Able to include more activities in at the end of the day like going to the Jazz Kitchen to see a good friend, Jeff Conrad and the Avenue Indy Jazz Quintet perform as well as seeing a movie with our family: Thor and Justice League were very enjoyable
  • Awareness and messaging progress

    • Since posting my original article and Week 1 Update it has been enlighting talking with family and friends about their health challenges.  Discussing if they have had their echocardiograms or other health screens if a disease runs in their family has been very insightful gives a reason to encourage each other
    • Made some new connections on social media that were real friends and family since my youth that for some reason we see each other in the community yet we’re not connected
    • Anna (Spouse) getting her check-ups done and tracking her own progress with apps – Yah
    • Zach (Oldest Son) scheduled and tracking his own progress with apps – Yah!
    • Matt (Youngest Son) working to get scheduled for first of year and tracking his own progress with apps
    • Tools – Applications and Devices
      • Plan – I will do a separate article on these since they each have much to offer and there is not a one does it all that I have found and will update this article with the links, however, for now, see below list
      • Mobile Apps
      • Web Apps
      • Devices
        • Heart Monitor Strap with blue tooth
        • Blood Sugar monitor with blue tooth
        • Blood Pressure unit and cuff
        • Heart rate and oxygen finger monitor
        • Digital Scale for food
        • Digital Scale for body weight
  • Support and encouragement progress

    • Comments:

      • They have come from so many sources and continue to learn more each day on how to approach and absorb the data coming in
      • Thank you for every email, comment, text, IM, call, hug and kind word
      • I can’t say enough about what and how it affects me, except to say it does in a very positive way
    • Virtual and In-Person Coffee Meetups:

      • Anna and I really enjoy these and hope we can get together in person or virtually via any of the video chat platforms, so if we haven’t reached out, feel free to reach out to us to set up a time that works. We know the holidays and your lives are busy, so don’t worry if it is for January or life gets in the way and you need to reschedule
    • Your experience is powerful:

      • If you have an experience you wish to share to bring about awareness to health issues, please contact me and let’s find a way to get the word out so others know they aren’t fighting alone and may have allies right in their own circles they didn’t know were there
      • This was part of my “surprise ??!??” next step from last week’s update, I have a long time friend that is working on sharing his experience and when complete I will help him share it
  • Next Steps

    • Week 3 update and video
Image Movember Week 2 update

Movember Week 2 update