Feb 122009

Here is the article I completed for a favorite local haunt of mine! I see lots of opportunity for enjoyment with the family as well as events for GCLLC Clients. I hope to be holding seminars, training sessions, and user testing sessions there while enjoying this great facility.

Net Heads – Your interactive alternative to a Family Bowling or Corporate Casino Night by David W. Grigsby via GIACATI from Grigsby Consulting LLC

Actually you can do them both at Net Heads and as the company tag line goes it is “a better way to play“! Besides the standard fare of PC, Xbox and Wii games, they have eboardgames as well as bowling and casino games, the list is always growing as Net Heads also provides access to all the online flash games like at Disney, Nickelodeon, etc.A family night out, date night, birthday party or a corporate event are all at home at Net Heads. Bill Noel created the Net Heads vision over 10 years ago and continues to improve and refine it each year. Yes, Bill is a techie as well as a small business owner, but he really focuses his staff at Net Heads on your experience in the desire to drive socialized gaming via family and corporate events. Net Heads was formerly in Broad Ripple right off the Monon for 8 years and moved when the opportunity came to let the restaurant downstairs grow and relocate near the Carmel Arts District. He is very happy with the community response as well as the Chamber. He has nothing but praise to give for the involvement from the Mayors office, the city, the Chamber and of course you, his customers.

You may have hosted your own LAN Parties so what can you do at Net Heads you can’t do at home or work? You have computers, games and networks, so what is the point? The point is socialization while gaming and Owner Bill Noel believes, as do many of his customers that you can’t do it as easily as walking into Net Heads. Yes, you may have the equipment for your family, but at a birthday party can you host everyone at the same time? Can you really have a Corporate Morale event where you don’t spend more time in setup than team building playing? Can you really push that much online gaming traffic across your cable or DSL? Also remember that Net Heads is a destination to meet, greet and socialize as part of the gaming experience. Net Heads handles the setup, preparing the food, cleaning up and making sure it is safe and assists in making it enjoyable. Even if you have your own bowling lane, is it as much fun as playing on a league at a bowling alley with your friends, family or co-workers?

You get family fun, no mess to clean up for what you spend at a movie or going bowling. Comfort and snack food Net Heads have, vegetables they don’t. A family of 4 will cost $24 for 1 hour and I think you find the concessions way more affordable than at the theater or bowling alley as 4 cheeseburgers and 4 beverages (Coke,Pepsi) or energy drinks (Bawls/Red Bull) will normally be under $15.00 unless you decide to get the Net Heads famous shakes and then it will still be under $20.00 for food.

Corporate Morale events are even under greater budget pressure as well as a need to reduce risk. Net Heads can help in both areas. It is as safe as attending a Movie Theater. The budget is even more simple, as they will work with you on catering if the cafe isn’t what you want to offer and the facility rental rates and time are worked out case by case with your phone call or email. Net Heads phone number is 317.815.6635 and you can send an email to
info@netheads.com to request quotes for your event.

So the next time you ask the kids or staff what they want to do and they reply IDK? (Text speak for I don’t know) you can bring them to Net Heads. You might see the Mayor, Bo Derek, Bruce Campbell or a professional Gamer Mom! Maybe you can even challenge Bill to his favorite game, Call of Duty 5: World at War or have your own grudge match with your own nemesis. It is in your hands as to how you will use Net Heads as “a better way to play“.

Below are the “specs” for Net Heads with a frequently asked questions to cover the specifics.

1017 West Main St
Carmel, IN 46032

Sunday thru Thursday 11am to 12am
Friday 11am to 2am
Saturday 10am to 2am
Groups, special events and facility rentals are always welcome outside normal operating hours – just call.

Web Site: https://www.netheads.com

Net Head Specs:
28 PC stations with 24inch monitors
1 dual monitor productivity station
16 xbox 360’s
1 wii
171 maximum occupancy
Concession/Cafe onsite – Pop, comfort food, not fine dining
dual T1 pipes from two separate vendors so it is redundant

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ:

Q: Is Net Heads safe for my kids?
A: Yes and the staff is always working to promote a positive gaming experience as negative and profane trash talk is not acceptable and those that don’t take the polite advice of the staff are asked to go to their room at home. Also positively NO running is allowed inside Net Heads.

Q: Can I make Reservations?
A: Absolutely, call ahead and reserve you seat(s). Please note that Net Heads only reserves seats that are open on same day reservations as you can decide after you are in your seat to buy a day pass, and Net Heads doesn’t take your seat to put another patron in due to a reservation, unless the reservation was made before the current patron was informed that the station was reserved

Q: My kids are under 11, can I leave them to play while I go to store?
A: No, a guardian must stay and supervise, but that person is not required to use a station – Great opportunity to use the free wireless with your laptop to check email!

Q: Can we eat and snack at the workstation?
A: Yep, that is why there is the extra space – 42″ compared to the industry 24″

Q: Can you bring your own games or software?
A: Yes, each machine is returned to it’s original state with special software used by Net Heads

Q: Will Net Heads preload software for me?
A: You bet, just call ahead and make a reservation and discuss your requirements

Q: Can I bring in my own keyboard, mouse, joystick, headset and mic?
A: Absolutely, USB and analog jacks provided

Q: How did Net Heads come about?
A: Net Heads started off as a way for Bill to spend time with his kids doing what they enjoyed with his left over computers from the health care claims processing software company he sold in the late 90’s. He pursued the research and development of this business which resulting in Net Heads being created.

Q: Do you sponsor Charities or Fund Raisers?
A: Yes, contact Bill for specifics

Q: What are those bowls above the stations?
A: That is the stations sound system for your ears only 🙂

Q: Do you provide inhouse tech support for client systems?
A: Sorry, but no

Q: Do you sell games, game systems, PC’s, headsets, etc?
A: No

Q: Do you have Rockband equipment aka do you have the guitars, drums etc?
A: One complete set, you can bring in yours remember 🙂

Q: Can I watch Porn or other Adult venues here?
A: No, this is a family place and is not appropriate for a social venue

Q: Do you have Tournaments?
A: Yes, watch the announcements

Q: Is Personally Identifiable Information what is collected or am I on Video?
A: No

Q: Do you have printers?
A: Yes, ask if you need to print something while you visit

Q: Can I come in and download large iso images, as well as burn them to CD/DVD?
A: Call ahead and we can help you and maybe we can download if overnight for you