Feb 282014

Book Title: One Hour Guide to Great Web Copywriting: For Business Websites

One Hour Guide to Great Web Copywriting Cover Image

One Hour Guide to Great Web Copywriting Cover Image

Author: Brian V Hunt

Subject Matter: This a great book focused on creating great web copy with a 16 step approach.

Publisher: Big Byte Books (January 13, 2014)


Complete Review:


I was very fortunate to catch this Book on a Facebook status update from Margue Hunt Familton. Having met Brian V. Hunt at a happy hour party, I was naturally interested, especially since I can always use pointers in this area. I love to write and want to become better at it, so it only seems natural, and since I am an Amazon Prime member it was one click easy and free!

Key take aways of what I thought was great that I didn’t know or validated what I did know:

  • Your target audience is impatient and goal-oriented. The key is to solve their problems.
  • Use words that appeal to their emotions.
  • Use the word “you” a lot.
  • Differentiate your product or service from others’ offerings, whether it’s price, service, ratings, or whatever.
  • Understand how the “conversion funnel” works.
  • The headline is the most important element on the page.
  • Learn to use images, lists, and videos to break up a page.
  • The titles and description tags for your pages affect how often the pages will be seen.
  • Subheads matter.
  • Include social icons for sharing on social media.
  • Your pages must work for small mobile devices as well as PC monitors.
  • How to write “About us” pages.
  • Using analytics to measure success.

My feedback:

I think a checklist would be great to make reviewing your content easier and a little more prescriptive, but the contents also work as a de facto checklist.

Paragraph review or Conclusion:

Brian delivers a great resource for the business person creating content for the web, or any digital media. His focus on knowing your audience, removing the fluff and providing actionable words comes through with plenty of examples. Once you have finished with your content, review it with his table of contents as a checklist.