Nov 252016

For several years, since February 2014 in fact,  I have added posts in the publishing category of this blog for the release of each of my developer labs. I am happy to announce my Software Integration Author site [ ] V1.01 was launched last Friday November 18, 2016. This is the first release of a Production Product for Grigsby Consulting LLC and me in over 30 years, as I have been a “Fixer” for others during that time. Like with any software release I am looking for interested parties to validate and provide feedback on speed, content, visuals, sign up, download of the free developer lab books on Amazon Kindle. You can Sign Up at [ ]

David W. Grigsby, Software Integration Author Instructing image

David W. Grigsby, Software Integration Author Instructing

Please reach out if interested, building my early feedback team. You will ultimately get all the Developer Labs free over the next 5 weeks, 2 new ones every 5 days.

In case you are interested in some of the major specifics of the recipe behind the release, they are below:


  • Godaddy for Registrar
  • DNS Made Easy for DNS
  • Google GSuite for email, office suite
  • Ganttify for Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Mac (One note is my favorite list tool and Word for manuscripts first draft)
  • Amazon Kindle and developer labs all participate in KDP
  • Amazon Create Space for paperback bundle (coming soon in review)
  • Amazon AWS Bitnami WordPress setup in a T2.micro instance
  • Amazon Cloudfront CDN with Amazon S3 bucket
  • Divi Theme from Elegant Themes
  • W3 Total Cache plugin for CDN and Page cache
  • Mailchimp for Signup mail list and email campaigns
  • Google XML Sitemap Plugin
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Many testing tools that grade your site on many dimensions, this is a blog post in itself

As with any release, many good lessons learned and knowledge gained that I wish to share over the following weeks under “Tools I use”, “Field Notes”, “Lessons Learned” and “Commentary”. Many of these lessons learned are coming soon as revisions to this blog and the main www property for Grigsby Consulting LLC.

David W. Grigsby Software Integration Author Site Image v1.01

David W. Grigsby Software Integration Author Site Image v1.01