Nov 292014
Got 10 Minutes in your commute? Learn to Hack some Code, Get mad Skill$ from dgrigsby #Got10? #hacksomecode #commutetimelearning

So think of these developer lab books as the smallest parts of the recipe you need to be able to build on to execute a complete recipe, or what is called a pattern and practice in development and then a application or full course meal. So here is the latest installments which allow you to work with the envelope after it […]

Mar 312014
You can do it, I know you can, because this is what success looks like! #Got10? #Learn2Code

So the picture below is what the process to success looks like even with mother nature and avocado seeds, so there is hope for you on any endeavor you are engaged in. So while you may not like that every avocado seed, at bat, project or startup will not succeed, you should be prepared just the same and plan […]

Feb 162014
"How to send a DocuSign envelope via REST in 10 minutes" and "How to login to Salesforce via SOAP in 10 minutes",  developer labs from Grigsby Consulting LLC's Integration Cookbook Volume 2 [Kindle Edition]

Grigsby Consulting LLC published David W. Grigsby’s first book via Amazon Kindle 2/10/2014, followed by his second 2/15/2014. Grigsby Consulting LLC is pleased to have David W. Grigsby’s Amazon Author page live with many thanks for the support from Anna Grigsby, Margue Hunt Familton, Brian Hunt and Christopher Rager in this endeavor. David’s first books […]