May 152020
Infographic Published: Productivity Suite Tech Stack Match-up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in For Your Information (FYI) format (Note: Estimated time to read is 3 minute at 200 words per minute) FYI – WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU – A Visual Reference of the Productivity Suite Tech Stack Match-up. Our customer’s “ask”, that started the journey, was about a simple question, which […]

Dec 072019
Movember 2019 - Wrap-up, KPI's and Lessons Learned

FYI – Posts and Fundraisers Pages from Movember 2019, Movember 2018, Movember 2017 Thanksgiving, my Birthday and gratitude for Movember – Help me change the face of men’s health this Movember [20191106 Facebook Fundraiser Page] – David’s Birthday Fundraiser for Movember [20191104 Facebook Fundraiser Page] – Movember: 2019 Kickoff – Movember: […]

Feb 232018
An open letter to communicate gratitude to DocuSign

RE: An open letter to communicate gratitude Dear DocuSign, I was looking back as I take that next path, a metaphor and a real-world activity you know I love. A path called the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) is the major reason why I left the tribe. I wanted that hike as a way to reward myself with […]

Jan 122018
Virtual Coffee | Tea with David W. Grigsby and you

There is a visual metaphor about the “Jar of life that I really like.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is Spoiler alert, the punch line is, no matter how full it is of the big and little stuff, there is always enough room for coffee with a friend. As many of you know, I […]

Nov 302017
Movember Week 4 and final 2017 update with results

Video: Fundraising results At $1,175, up from $475 and goal is $1000, which was achieved, so thank you very much! and my matching donation So a big thank you and a virtual hug go out to each of these contributors: Teresa Chapman Clinton Dahlenburg Mike Scriven Arash Sayadi Roger Dabio Anna Grigsby Fred Barrett Visa payment match Move results […]