May 152020
Infographic Published: Productivity Suite Tech Stack Match-up

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in For Your Information (FYI) format (Note: Estimated time to read is 3 minute at 200 words per minute) FYI – WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU – A Visual Reference of the Productivity Suite Tech Stack Match-up. Our customer’s “ask”, that started the journey, was about a simple question, which […]

Jul 182019
Increase your active listening results via automated transcribed voice memos to text as notes via Speech to Text

Voice to persisted actionable reference –¬†¬†Eidetic Memory This is a generic long-standing human challenge of communication and knowledge transfer for the roles we engage in. When it comes to extracting actions and knowledge accurately and efficiently and then referencing them we find the flaws in tools for persisting language quickly. Whether you are a […]