Dec 152016
X-DocuSign-Authentication Best Practices for DocuSign™ via REST or SOAP Infographic

WHY YOU MIGHT CARE I created the X-DocuSign-Authentication Best Practices for DocuSign™ via REST or SOAP Infographic for you to provide you with best practices to solve the common issues developers, developer operations and IT deal with every day in small to enterprise businesses that implement a custom integration with their Line of Business (LOB) application and DocuSign™. […]

Nov 292014
Got 10 Minutes in your commute? Learn to Hack some Code, Get mad Skill$ from dgrigsby #Got10? #hacksomecode #commutetimelearning

So think of these developer lab books as the smallest parts of the recipe you need to be able to build on to execute a complete recipe, or what is called a pattern and practice in development and then a application or full course meal. So here is the latest installments which allow you to work with the envelope after it […]

Apr 282009 and Web Service Integration - ws-security SOAP header and WSDL2APEX Trap Unsprung

This is the second installment in my series called “Field Notes.” This is where I share what I learn in the trenches with you.  I believe it also helps demonstrate the breadth and details of the work I do. As with most client projects, it all starts from an email.  Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement […]