Mar 182017

I was given a fantastic opportunity to speak to the undergraduate students at the University of North Florida taking course CGS3001: Current Trends in Computing Technology 1 Friday, March 17th, 2017,

The presentation I gave is below:

Debugging the Fixer by David W. Grigsby, Software Integration Author

I wish to thank an amazing associate of mine, who provided me this speaking opportunity, Mark Puskar of IRTalent and the UNF Director of the School of Computing Sherif Elfayoumy for making this possible with his class CGS3001.

I enjoyed seeing young eager interactive faces providing feedback and actively engaging me while I delivered my presentation and simple Visual Studio project TDD. Even though the class went only from 1:00 pm to 1:50 pm and the students were about to leave on spring break, I was indeed honored by them staying a little later than the class timeframe asking engaging questions.

Image UNF Flags

UNF Flags

UNF Building 15

UNF Building 15

UNF CGS3001 Students and Professor Sherif Alfayoumy

UNF CGS3001 Students

UNF David W. Grigsby Presenting

UNF David W. Grigsby Presenting

The VS TDD project is a simple Windows form that calls a service broker that calls the DocuSign API REST method Login_Information.

Image of Visual Studio Community 2015 TDD Project

Visual Studio Community 2015 TDD Project

The TDD Project shown above is on Github and feel free to download from

There are three branches to see each phase with the final state as master:

  • BaseFromUX – This is how the project was handed to the developer from UX and Solution Architect
  • FirstTestFails – This is our first test that tests the final requirement
  • FinalTestPasses – This is our test passing after adding code and one additional test for the helper function.

The requirements are below from the project Requirements.txt:

Requirements for TDD Project

a. Use Text box values for values to us in call DocuSign API login_information

b. Create a service broker to call the DocuSign API login_information

c. Create related service broker utility methods to setup requests for service broker

d. Crewte related service broker utility methods to tear down response from service broker

e. Click the call docusign api button call the service broker and utilty methods with the text box values

f. Place the response into the multi-line text box for results

g. Expected result in multi-line text box for results is "{\r\n  \"loginAccounts\": [\r\n    {\r\n      \"name\": \"eLawDocs\",\r\n      \"accountId\": \"26096\",\r\n      \"baseUrl\": \"\",\r\n      \"isDefault\": \"false\",\r\n      \"userName\": \"David Grigsby\",\r\n      \"userId\": \"8375f42f-4d39-476f-9b5b-83aef3d9899b\",\r\n      \"email\": \"\",\r\n      \"siteDescription\": \"\"\r\n    },\r\n    {\r\n      \"name\": \"DocuSign for GApps Trial for\",\r\n      \"accountId\": \"79642\",\r\n      \"baseUrl\": \"\",\r\n      \"isDefault\": \"false\",\r\n      \"userName\": \"David Grigsby\",\r\n      \"userId\": \"8375f42f-4d39-476f-9b5b-83aef3d9899b\",\r\n      \"email\": \"\",\r\n      \"siteDescription\": \"\"\r\n    },\r\n    {\r\n      \"name\": \"GCLLC - TDD\",\r\n      \"accountId\": \"2773666\",\r\n      \"baseUrl\": \"\",\r\n      \"isDefault\": \"false\",\r\n      \"userName\": \"David Grigsby\",\r\n      \"userId\": \"8375f42f-4d39-476f-9b5b-83aef3d9899b\",\r\n      \"email\": \"\",\r\n      \"siteDescription\": \"\"\r\n    },\r\n    {\r\n      \"name\": \"GE Global Operations HR\",\r\n      \"accountId\": \"1559756\",\r\n      \"baseUrl\": \"\",\r\n      \"isDefault\": \"true\",\r\n      \"userName\": \"David Grigsby\",\r\n      \"userId\": \"8375f42f-4d39-476f-9b5b-83aef3d9899b\",\r\n      \"email\": \"\",\r\n      \"siteDescription\": \"\"\r\n    }\r\n  ],\r\n  \"apiPassword\": \"P1ffoIdNbatKf537ghKlB1At98o=\"\r\n}"

Now the Password will not work nor the user id, so you will need to create your own free DocuSign developer account at the DocuSign Developer Center Free Sandbox and replace the expected results string with the results from your login_information call using postman. You can find the developer labs for the X-DocuSign-Authentication Best Practices for DocuSign™ via REST or SOAP in 10 minutes and the How to login to DocuSign™ via REST in 10 minutes at my Software Integration Author site Signup before 3/24/2017 and receive them both for free.