Nov 292019
  1. FYI – Key Update – per my cardiovascular Doctor last week – Total RESET of the initial heart event expectations set by healthcare professionals that were set in September 2017 aka “let go Luke“. This is HUGE and I am so grateful for this result from the lifestyle changes we have adopted per the Ornish plan. Yes, like you, my body is still mortal. I am back to living every day to my best effort version without thinking and asking was today the last one. While it has been a valuable event and journey to help center me on what really matters to me concerning my family and friends, it can be a dark place to visit consistently. Daily, sometimes hourly was definitely too often for me and a real risk to my mental health as I wasn’t open to risks that open opportunities to live fully. So no longer am I waiting for the other shoe to drop or joking offhandedly about being a zombie.
  2. FYI – Interesting Side Note from my cardiovascular Doctor, he has also changed his diet to largely plant slant as well as he has met Dr. Dean Ornish. He has tried to get the Ornish lifestyle program established as a rehab option. Currently, Goshen has the only hospital at last check to provide the Ornish Lifestyle program for rehab of heart event patients in all of Indiana, NOT St. V’s or St. F’s nor IU.
  3. FYI -Thanksgiving – Grateful for the positive RESET given us. Anna and I are enjoying this week off from the daily office routine to celebrate such an amazing milestone in our journey during my favorite holiday immediately followed by birthday to enjoy our many blessings as deeply as we can. Thus the picture above with our immediate family from yesterday.
  4. ACTION REQUESTED: (You the reader) Engage those men in your life in these four activities:
    • Love more
    • Move more
    • Stress less
    • Eat better
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