Apr 082019
image of top 9 proof points

While the title of this “Top n” list may be a bit tongue in cheek since it comes from a court jester’s point of delivery to address why I laugh internally when I am asked, “Is it done yet“. My humor is born out of the pain that comes from when most people and organizations that want to publish a Software Application lack the basic 9 proof points of “What done looks like” and “who will do what“. This article comes from one of the books I am writing titled “Grigsby Consulting LLC’s Integration Cookbook Volume 1 – Setting up your development environment” discussed here https://blog.grigsbyconsultingllc.com/grigsby-consulting-llc-presents-story-of-the-developer-labs-integration-cookbooks/.

    1. I am marketing an App, I know because I have researched and defined the client audiences with a problem and a sales potential greater than the estimated budget to create a Minimum Viable Product MVP” app to address via engineering, sales and customer success fulfillment of the App along with the needed events and materials to support the lifecycle needs. Below bullet point example items covered are not the minimum or exhaustive list in the Marketing Requirements Document MRD“:

        • Intellectual Property Protection

        • Problem(s) being solved as related to the category of value disruption, better value, a new solution

        • Monetization and revenue sharing model for partners

        • Market Audience metrics

        • Competitors – Revenue and market share metrics

  2. I am a CxO green lighting and investing in an App, I know because I have a project that I can fund with a budget, resources and political buy-in of our investors and/or board to generate the income revenue stream that is core to our business mission

  3. I am project managing an App, I know because I provide reports and input on all the management and execution teams on the planned budget, milestones, resources, blockers, risks and sentiment of the App lifecycle

    4. I am building and engineering an App, I know because I am creating non-functional and functional specs for an MVP version

    5. I am coding an App, I know because I am debugging

    6. I am testing an App, I know because I am writing bug reports

    7. I am deploying an App, I know because I am running scripts to move it from environment x to y

    8. I have released an App, I know because I am getting customer support calls, emails and tickets

    9. I am selling an App, I know because I have a defined market  of clients with a problem and a released app to address it that is monetized and am collecting and processing those client leads