Jan 212020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in For Your Information (FYI) format

(Note: Estimated time to read is 3 minutes at 200 words per minute)

1. FYI – WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU – Simply put “60 seconds for your elevator pitch and 9 minutes to introduce us to your products and services or generically discuss your pain points. We find we learn more about your company and you when you deliver your best. Also, it is a very safe assumption that we are both Business to Business (B2B) focused. Now to be equitable, you can expect the same from us after I provide you with my questions from the materials you provided ahead of time combined with our internal research tools and your information shared.

If you would like to set up a virtual coffee with David and Anna (SPACE IS LIMITED), provided you are not here because we referred you here in one of our responses, simply initiate the process  by the choosing one of the following methods:

2. FYI – TYPICAL AGENDA – A basic and typical agenda is shown below:

    1. Introductions if first time meeting (1-2 minutes each)
    2. Discussion / Questions on Topic of the meeting (10-20 minutes)
    3. Next Steps (5-10 minutes)

3. FYI – VIRTUAL COFFEE | TEA (VCT) – A VCT is generally gratis and our first meeting in the first phase of a business relationship with Grigsby Consulting LLC (GCLLC). It is apart of our sales process after given gates via lead scoring are achieved. While Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are very important to us, we feel the relationships built on value and sharing are a more sustainable model as our internal attribute weighting shows. Gates, scoring, thresholds, exceptions, and overrides are all apart of the progression through an internally tailored and designed customer experience meant for a win-win result. There is a visual metaphor about the “Jar of life” that I like. If you haven’t seen or heard it, here is the link to the video https://youtu.be/m0hqBIugr7I. Spoiler alert, the punch line is, no matter how full it is of the big and little stuff, there is always enough room for coffee | tea with an associate.

4. FYI – WHERE IS YOUR CALENDARING LINK – We get this question from time to time and sometimes it is “Why Anna?”, really it comes down to value for both of us. Please feel free to provide Anna with yours, however, candidly this kind of access and data stays internal for numerous valid reasons. 

5. FYI – WHY ZOOM OVER SKYPE/ETC – The Freemium to Premium model is one such monetization model we support that truly provides value we can stand behind at this time just like many other products we use such as Mailchimp, Google, MicrosoftLinkedIn and GitHub, and many more. If there are internal compliance issues you face, we can be accommodating should the need arise, just let Anna know.

6. FYI – WHY THURSDAY’S – Simply optimization on the day we have found works best based on our internal framework, metrics, statistics collected.

7. FYI – WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM DAVID W. GRIGSBY – David will provide his insight, focus, and attention to detail to make the experience valuable via an opportunity to learn and share in knowledge transfer in a professional relaxed forum. Oh, and he will have a couple of questions waiting for you to help determine a mutual fit. There will be a post-meeting recap via Mailchimp as well as a Survey via DocuSign.

8. FYI – WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM ANNA L. GRIGSBY – Anna is the master of ceremonies and host, thus she will be the time monitor, pre and post-meeting facilitator as well as the key point of contact along the complete process. Oh, and she will have a couple of questions and requirements for you along the way as well. Full disclosure and be warned, she is the gatekeeper.

9. FYI – YOUR PUNCTUALITY IS APPRECIATED – We are generally on and waiting for your 2-5 minutes before the time of the call provided we are hosting with Zoom. Whether we are hosting or you are, we will communicate any chaos or issues we are having in advance of the meeting time and suggest remediation to preserve the sanctity and value of everyone’s precious time. At 5 minutes after the meeting starts without any attendance or notification from you, we will reach out via the standard communication vehicle you have been using to determine what we can do to assist. If by 10 minutes after the meeting was to begin, you are not on the call, we will terminate the meeting and send such communication to you. Rescheduling, of course, will be handled by Anna and reasonable efforts will be made to get you back into the queue in our schedule in an appropriate time frame. Of course, we all experience unforeseen challenges, issues, and chaos in our lives and respect that this will be the exception and hope all is well with you during such times. Please communicate with us once you have regained your needed business activity and know we will be ready to re-engage as our schedule permits.

10. FYI – HISTORY OF THE VCT – The history of the VCT has been full of amazing lessons learned, metrics, stats, and KPIs developed over the years since that first time we started practicing with the release of our first article about it – https://blog.grigsbyconsultingllc.com/virtual-coffee-tea-with-david-w-grigsby-and-you/