Jan 122018

There is a visual metaphor about the “Jar of life that I really like.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is https://youtu.be/m0hqBIugr7I. Spoiler alert, the punch line is, no matter how full it is of the big and little stuff, there is always enough room for coffee with a friend. As many of you know, I had a silent (systolic) cardiac event and died Sept 1, 2017 and I have been recovering since.

If you are one of 25+ people in my Google Contacts group 1:1 Virtual Coffee, you may have seen an email with a request for a “Virtual Coffee | Tea“. If you haven’t and would like one, then this article is for you specifically. I am doing these to test myself, not you. I know it seems simple, yet the act of talking, memory for followup, blog posts and the interaction and emails all help me gauge my fitness for conducting my business. It also affords me the opportunity to meet with many when it is cold, minimize travel time and stay connected while talking about things important to us both.

A typical agenda looks like below:

1. Catch up on your health progress and challenges 
2. Talk about your goals for 2018
3. Update you on my health progress and challenges
4. Talk about GCLLC goals for 2018

image of Virtual Coffee with Dgrigsby504

Virtual Coffee with David W. Grigsby

I also send a post-virtual coffee meeting follow-up with a recap and action items for several reasons previously mentioned in addition to your time is VALUABLE and is the one thing we are all made equal by regardless of gender, intellect or money and I appreciate it.
I have an example of my goals in a recap follow-up for you so you know what to expect if you take the time to participate. It is below this next paragraph since it is verbose and just a sample.

You can read more about my health journey via my 2017 Movember posts and my related experience and story in the following posts:

A big thank you and shout out to Douglas Karr with Gambino and Geoff McNeely, who where some of my first early adopters concerning my “Virtual Coffee | Tea”, via Skype and Facetime vs the “phone” only. Here is a couple screen shots of us and I look forward to some with you as well. I will have a “Lessons Learned” post from these with metrics and blooper and other funny techno flops that have occurred for you reading pleasure. No matter whether we use the phone or conference call technology, your interactions and relationships are important to me, so thank you.

Image of Douglas Karr and David Virtual Coffee

Douglas Karr and David Virtual Coffee

image of Geoff and David Virtual Coffee

Geoff and David Virtual Coffee

Example follow-up email below

1. GRATITUDE | THANK YOU – Thank you for making my day brighter and sharing our passion around health l growth and the desire help others, especially men in need via philanthropy and mentoring efforts.

  • From the agenda below I came away with the following Follow-ups from our conversation.
  • I know it seems simple, yet the act of talking, memory for followup, blog posts and the interaction and emails all help me gauge my fitness for conducting my business.
  • Thank you for your time and input.

2. RELATIONSHIPS – 1:1 Virtual Coffee | Tea – 2018 GOAL DG – What Frequency would you like to follow up on our goals?

  • I suggest Monthly.
    • Monthly – X
    • Quarterly
    • 6 Months
  • What allotment of time would you like? I suspect we might want 30 with room for 60?
    • 15
    • 30 – X
    • 60
  • What kind of phone | smartphone do you have? Aka
    • IOS (Apple)
    • Android OS
  • What kind of Coffee do you like, I forgot to ask?
    • Drip Brand?
    • Espresso type and style?
  • Send me a date and time and I will attempt to make it work – I am looking at a meeting scheduler like a couple of my associates use to make this self-service, however, for now, Anna and I manage it.
  • Let’s try Skype or Facebook so we can share screens. Also, as a Microsoft Alumnus, I have special pricing on Office 365 subscriptions for you personally, so let me know if you want an access pass to the MS Company store with a discount pass, generally you pay 20% or less of retail.

3. FUNDRAISING – 2018 GOAL DG – Look forward to your input

  • I really appreciate your insight and past experience from your own personal journey.
  • My current personal one is https://us.movember.com/mospace and will be creating the team soon. I really think we all have other Men, Fraternal or not, in our life that will benefit from the raised awareness.
  • At 600+ Friends on Facebook, not counting LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, I think I should be able to make some pretty interesting impacts and observations
  • As a reminder, here was my take on what was working just for me from Movember and some of the things I want to try https://blog.grigsbyconsultingllc.com/movember-week-4-and-final-2017-update-with-results/
  • What are your families health issues?
  • What health screens and issues have you had?
  • Who in my network can help you?. Let me know if you would like an introduction?

I want to see how we can incorporate some golf into our planning and fundraising 🙂

4. SOLOPRENEUR – 2018 GOAL DG (Blooming where you are planted | Better Partnerships)

  • The 1:1 Virtual Coffee’s help with maintaining connections and being apart of the bigger “TEAM” that I had at Microsoft, DocuSign, etc.
  • Let me know how I can help when you need an extra brain to get something done that is out of your wheelhouse

5. BOOKS TO READ – 2018 GOAL DG – Any Good Books you are reading?

  • You mentioned many good references you use, and since I wasn’t recording, I didn’t catch them when you were talking.
  • I just finished Dan Brown’s Origins which my son Matt as a Christmas present. Interesting take on both the light and dark of faith from many different points of view.
  • What did they mention that was noteworthy ?
  • Did they have a sound byte that was poignant?
  • I will share a list of a couple of my favorite’s on my blog site and send you the link to them.
  • I would appreciate your list if you can accommodate.

6. XXXXX BUSINESS – 2018 GOAL XX – Title

  • I know we didn’t chat much about business, however, I am interested in your goals for the year, if you are open to sharing
  • I am interested in how, if at all, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft office or Amazon plays apart

7. HEALTH – 2018 GOAL RD (Fitness) and DG – I think there is much for us to help each other and others to make progress in this area and lead by example with the ups and downs!

  • As mentioned in my thank you, this whole recovery process is constant, so appreciated and worth mentioning again.
  • I have a FitBit and really enjoy it, especially the reminder to get up and move each hour, let me know if you use a wearable and want to track challenges http://amzn.to/2mduRdA
  • I also you MyFitness Pal http://www.myfitnesspal.com
  • They both work together and each has their respective strengths for meal tracking and effort and sleep, I will being doing a post on this since they are very helpful in staying on top of the needed metrics
  • I know the IOS has the apps and suspect android does as well. Both have great web-based solutions.
  • I am very interested in your XXX goal

8. GCLLC – 2018 GOAL DG – More Passive Revenue yet still have some consulting integration

  • As I may have mentioned, working to make more strides into passive and sustainable for handoff vs me focused and no exit|transition plan 🙂

9. ONLINE GAMING – 2018 GOAL DG – Do you enjoy Xbox or PS4?

  • I have an Xbox OneX which was a gift from my sons, and my gamer tag is dwgrigsby11
  • I have been enjoying the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • As I mentioned, I think “embrace” may yield some interesting results both with son and your interest group aka online gaming night to discover how they process other aspects beyond board games concerning quests (projects/goals), cooperative play (teamwork and leadership), massively interactive (other personalities) and the chance to interact easily with shared interests ( international pen pals) via twitch and chat. FYI Anna and I love board and card games like “Ticket to Ride” and Gin.