Feb 262009




I use this great tool to “see” what I am saying – Word Clouds, aka what is the frequency of the unique, non-noisy words, in relationship to each other in my content. It is one of the many pieces needed to see what the search engines see from your content. Being a visual consumer myself, I love the way it displays it quickly in so many ways so that I can get what is coming though loud and clear.

You can paste text directly into the text box of the application or point it to a RSS Feed. It will show by default the top 150 words, but you can change the setting for more or less. It will also give you back the list of words and occurrences.

Another great feature is it allows you to save the result for future reference and to be able to reference via a URL. It should help you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) visualization of your content and let your refine and test to make sure your message is comming across correctly.


Free – Best Price of all!

It is a JAVA application that runs in your browser, so it requires the JVM from Sun and almost all modern browsers have this already installed.


It is a very cool graph that is easy for me to appreciate as artwork.

Example: This is what wordle.net saw of this blog, dgrigsby.blogspot.com in February 2009.

Wordle: dgrigsby blogspot February 2009

So I think it is very interesting that NET,DVD, Database etc are what is being seen as the loudest this month 🙂

Example: This is what wordle.net saw of my background at grigsbyconsultingllc.com/gcllc/background.aspx page in February 2009

Wordle: dgrigsby grigsby consulting llc background

So I think it is safe to say the Application Development with Microsoft technology for business using database is coming though loud and clear 🙂

Example: This is what wordle.net saw of my dgrigsby.spaces.live.com blog in September 2008.

Wordle: dgrigsby spaces live com black

So I think it is safe to Say Anna and Family is the focus of this one 🙂

These “TOOLS I USE” blog entries are not intended to be “How tos” but instead “This is how I use it”.

So go try it out and see what word art you can create from your content, resume, story or poem!